Julia Devi 

Julia Ouranidou is characterised by her passion to find the magic in everything. Ηer artistic nature was what prompted her to work as a graphic designer for several years and has been involved in many sports. Ηer life changed when she was introduced to Yoga 10 years ago and this transformational experience made her to quit her job and deepen the part of Yoga, meditation and alternative therapies.                                          Staying in India for years she took her certification in Yoga Alliance RYT 200hrs (Rishikesh, India), and she searched for the best Yoga teachers to deepen her practice in yoga and in Indian philosophy as a whole. Her love for the well being was what motivated her to become a Reiki master (Chiang Mai, Thailand), Quantum Touch practitioner (Thessaloniki, Greece) and she has also completed a 180 hour training in Thai Yoga massage (Sunshine network, Evia, Greece).                                                                Having good knowledge of human anatomy and the impact of asanas on the body, she is teaching Western, Easter Anatomy and Asanas Analysis.

Cora Shanti

Coralia Batista was a piano teacher when started travelling around India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia practising yoga and meditation in ashrams and retreats. Teaching yoga was the most natural outcome of her practise. She has been practising in different styles of Hatha such as Satyananda, Shivananda, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Acro, Partner yoga while her major training was a two year course in Iyengar and Vinyasa.         Her classes -with deep respect to alignment and meditative approach- are a hearty, spontaneous mixture of the above according to the participants needs, the group dynamic, the moon phases or the climate and the time or mood of the day. She has a 15 years experience with people of different backgrounds. She is inspired from spiritual or in person connection with great teachers, nature and the power of transformation. She shares "What I mostly love in this life is the immeasurable possibilities in every moment".

Aylan Kai

Aylan loves all things yoga. From yogasanas, pranayama, dhyana, yamas and niyamas... every aspect of yoga is life her for. A California native, yoga found her in 2005 when she took her first class in Santa Monica, CA and felt immediately the magical and healing powers of combining asanas to breathwork to mindfulness. What was initially a practice of physicality is now a space for exploring herself, her heart, the world and the diverse people with whom she connects with during her travelling adventures across the globe. From Hawaii to India to Hong Kong to Thailand and more, this life practice of yoga continues to grow her spiritually and physically and has gifted her gifts beyond her imagination. She practices living a life of authenticity, courage and mindfulness on the beautiful island of Bali where you can find her in the ocean diving, spearfishing, catching a small wave or on land watching the sunset and stars.

Aylan, 200hrs certified. Specialties: Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Reiki Healer