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About Atman Yoga

Atman Yoga School is accredited by Yoga Alliance to provide the best yoga teacher training courses in Bali, Thailand, and Greece. Our team consists of experienced instructors and our mission is to support our trainees in acquiring knowledge, skills and techniques for a lifelong practice to pursue a successful career as yoga teachers or wish to refine and deepen their physical and spiritual practice.

Atman Yoga School invites you to this integral deeply transformative journey for all aspects of human existence, to learn, practice, and experience the science of yoga. The core of Atman Yoga's teachings is both ancient and modern, rooted in the rich Himalayan traditions and linked to modern science.

The aim is to reveal and empower all the layers of your existence, awaken your true blissful nature, and acknowledge the hidden powers of your divine Self. Come to experience joy, love, connection, and the evolution of consciousness.

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yoga instructor Julia Devi
Julia Devi
yoga instructor Cora Shanti
Cora Shanti

Driven by her passion to find the magic in everything she comes across, Julia’s infectious personality accompanied by her artistic nature first led her to begin her career as a graphic designer. But the turning point in her life came when she was introduced to Yoga 10 years ago. Piloted by this transformational experience and her burning desire to deepen her knowledge about this ancient practice of Yoga, including meditation and alternative therapies, she quit her job and packed her bags for India. There in India she took her certification in Yoga Alliance RYT 500hrs (Rishikesh, India) and in the land that Yoga was born, Julia was able to deepen her practice and knowledge of Yoga Alignment, Indian Philosophy, Western and Eastern Anatomy. Her love for well-being motivated her to become a Reiki master (Chiang Mai, Thailand), a Quantum-Touch practitioner (Thessaloniki, Greece) and a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner (Sunshine network, Evia, Greece).

Cora was a piano teacher when started travelling around India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia practising yoga and meditation in ashrams and retreats. Teaching yoga was the most natural outcome of her practise. She has been practising in different styles of Hatha such as Satyananda, Shivananda, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Acro, Partner yoga while her major training was a two year course in Iyengar and Vinyasa. Her classes -with deep respect to alignment and meditative approach- are a hearty, spontaneous mixture of the above according to the participants needs, the group dynamic, the moon phases or the climate and the time or mood of the day. She has a 15 years experience with people of different backgrounds. She is inspired from spiritual or in person connection with great teachers, nature and the power of transformation. She shares "What I mostly love in this life is the immeasurable possibilities in every moment".

yoga instructor Penelopi Ziri
Penelopi Ziri

Penelopi discovered her love and curiosity for human movement and anatomy while she was studying to become a physiotherapist. Her thirst for personal and educational development led her into completing several seminars and workshops with teachers from around the world. She has completed 400 RYT and she is a certified Yin Yoga teacher. Her classes are specialized to help you develop your knowledge and your body awareness, always with a sense of humour she teaches yoga with a more therapeutic approach. She is offering many yoga workshops and she is the founder of Physioyogatherapy method.

yoga instructor Barbi Joffe
Barbi Joffe

Inspired by the natural rhythms of nature and the wonder of the human form, Barbi’ shares integrative practices to explore a sense of ease, strength and connectivity in the body-mind. She started her career path in private nature conservation work and environmental studies, and then chose to follow a yearning for travel and self discovery - exploring wild places in different countries and studying yoga, embodiment, somatic psychotherapy and sacred women’s work. She has learnt from many senior teachers and has trained in Hatha Yoga (250hr), Embodied Flow, Embodied Yin, Prenatal Yoga and Youth Yoga. She has taught classes, workshops and retreats in Bali, California (USA) and Byron Bay (AUS). She also teaches workshops on intimacy and embodiment. 

An intuitive and sensitive facilitator, Barbi draws from a wide range of experience in healing and coaching and works holistically, to shares her passion for helping humans develop greater self-awareness, mind mastery and develop better skills in communication.

yoga instructor Christine Wilton
Christine Wilton

Christine Wilton is a fun loving free spirit from beautiful Cape Town South Africa. After pursuing studies in fashion and photography she felt called to understand the wonder of the human body.  This lead down a path which would very soon become her passion - Movement, health and wellness. 

She is now a qualified 800hrs yoga teacher, personal trainer, has done courses in nutrition, Reiki and Thai massage. She has a lot of experience teaching vinyasa, pranayama and meditation to all levels and all bodies. Currently she teaches at 3 studios in Cape Town as well as running a monthly online course. She has a passion for wellness, fitness, handstands and helping people feel their best. Her style is fun, strong, inclusive and creative. She calls on all her disciplines to create a safe space for students to learn, grow and connect with their most authentic self.

RYS, RYT logos - Registered Yoga Teacher Alliance
Registered with Yoga Alliance
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Our trainings come with international Yoga Alliance certifications, the most widely recognized accreditation of yoga teachers worldwide. 

the path of Karma Yoga

atman yoga school create nice karma

Karma means ''action'', and action always comes with a reaction, following the laws of this Creation. According to the Bhagavad Gita, Karma Yoga is the spiritual practice of selfless action performed for the benefit of others. When we focus on others, our world expands and we increase our capacity for connection and Self-realization.

It is the concept of selfless service that is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it,  to benefit other human beings and animals and the society that they live in.  In practicing Karma Yoga, Atman Yoga serves others by donating an amount of each booking to help organizations like Chloe Orphans in Bali, Greek Animal Rescue, and others.


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