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What is a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course?

  A Yoga Teacher Training course is an intensive program designed to deepen your understanding of yoga, its philosophy, and equip you with the skills to become a certified yoga teacher


- What are the prerequisites for enrolling in a YTT course?

  Generally, a passion for yoga and a minimum level of practice experience are recommended. Some programs may have specific requirements, so check the details of the course you're interested in.


- How long does a typical YTT program last?

  The duration varies, but most YTT courses span around 200 hours and are completed over a period of 3-4 weeks.


- What topics are covered in a YTT course?

  YTT programs cover a range of subjects, including yoga philosophy, pranayama, kriyas, anatomy, teaching methodology, meditation, and practical teaching experience.


- Can I take a YTT course if I'm not an experienced yogi?

  Yes, our courses are open to students of all levels and we are positive you will leave the course as an experienced yogi.

- During the course, will my low English prove to be a hindrance?

We embrace individuals of all nationalities and language backgrounds, ensuring our content is presented in straightforward yet not overly complex English.

- Is certification necessary to teach yoga professionally?

  While certification is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as it demonstrates a commitment to professional standards and a comprehensive understanding of yoga.

​- What style of yoga is taught in YTT courses?

  We teach Hatha and Vinyasa but we explore various styles of yoga, such as Yin, Partner, Ashtanga, and Tantra. 


- Are payment plans available for YTT courses?

  Please contact our team and we will do our best. 


- Will I be qualified to teach yoga internationally after completing a YTT course?

  Yes, a Yoga Teacher Training certification is generally recognized internationally. However, it's advisable to research specific requirements in the region where you plan to teach.

- Will I have free time during the course?

  Yes, you will have 1 free day per week and a daily 2 hours break after lunch to relax and rest or to study.


- What are the career prospects after completing a YTT course?

  Graduates can pursue careers as yoga instructors, open their studios, offer private sessions, or integrate yoga teaching into other wellness professions.


- Can I take a YTT course if I have a pre-existing injury or medical condition?

  It's recommended to inform the course organizers about any health concerns beforehand but in general, we offer courses with therapeutic elements and we encourage people with health issues to participate and discover the therapeutic aspect of Yoga.


- Is there an age limit for enrolling in a YTT course?

  Atman Yoga courses welcome students of all ages, and we had students in their 60s. However, participants are typically required to be at least 18 years old.

- Can I attend a YTT course for personal development rather than becoming a teacher?

  Absolutely. Many participants enroll in YTT courses for personal growth, to deepen their practice, and to gain a more profound understanding of yoga philosophy.

- Can I teach yoga immediately after completing a YTT course?

  Yes, upon completion of a YTT course, you'll receive a certification that allows you to start teaching. However, gaining more experience and continuing education is recommended for ongoing development.


- Is accommodation and meals included in the YTT course fee?

Yes, our YTT courses include accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals per day except for the free days.


- How can I maintain a yoga practice after completing the YTT course?

  Cultivate a regular personal practice, attend workshops, and stay connected with the yoga community. Continuing education and networking can help you thrive as a yoga teacher.

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